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Best Places to Visit in Australia

With cool restaurants and bars, markets, museums and green open spaces, Australia’s cities are vibrant places to explore, but the sheer size of the country means you probably won’t get to see all of them during one trip. Sydney and Melbourne might be world-famous, but each city in Australia has a uniqueness that can only truly be appreciated with a visit. To help you decide where to go, here is our guide to the top best places to visit Australia. Let’s follow Newyearzz!


 Canberra- Best Places to Visit in Australia
 Canberra- Best Places to Visit in Australia

Having started life as a planned city back in 1913, Australia’s capital Canberra is slowly but surely growing into a lively and lovely place. Affectionately (and at times derisively) nicknamed the ‘bush capital’, the city lies amidst stunning nature reserves and low-lying mountain ranges in the north of the Australian Capital Territory.

Once the home solely of politicians and civil servants, the now thriving metropolis is home to world-class museums, art galleries, and national monuments. All kinds of shops, restaurants and bars abound, and its large student body means there’s a pounding nightlife scene. Despite its youth, the city has lots of interesting historical sights; many of these relate to its parliament and governmental institutions.

Due to its remote and rural setting, the city is also a fantastic place for exploring the great outdoors. Its nearby nature reserves are wonderful to hike and cycle around, as are Canberra’s numerous parks, gardens, and human-made lakes.

Karijini National Park

 Karijini National Park- Best Places to Visit in Australia
 Karijini National Park- Best Places to Visit in Australia

The second-largest national park in Western Australia, Karijini lies about a thousand kilometers to the north of the state’s capital, Perth. Centered around the Hamersley Ranges, it is very mountainous and known for the gorgeous gorges, slot canyons, and waterfalls that dot its confines.

Rising above the dark red hues of its rugged landscapes are the three highest peaks in the west of Australia. These make for some fantastic hiking, as do the narrow gorges and precipitous chasms snaking beneath them. Punctuating its semi-arid terrain are a series of hidden water holes and glittering waterfalls, which are amazingly refreshing to swim or bathe in after a dusty walk.

Besides the stunning scenery, Karijini National Park is home to more than 800 different plant species, as well as lots of incredible wildlife. While exploring the nature reserve, visitors may catch a glimpse of wallabies, echidnas, and red kangaroos.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest- Best Places to Visit in Australia
Daintree Rainforest- Best Places to Visit in Australia

Lying on the northeast coast of Australia in a national park of the same name, Daintree is one of the world’s oldest and most diverse tropical rainforests. Located in the state of Queensland, its fantastic fauna and flora and ancient ecosystems are incredible to explore, and home to lots of wildlife.

Daintree doesn’t consist solely of lush and verdant rainforest, but also includes rugged mountains, teeming rivers, rich coral reef systems, and beautiful beaches. Of these, Cape Tribulation is considered to boast some of the best white sandy beaches in Australia.

Best accessed from Cairns, around a three-hour drive away, Daintree Rainforest is a nature lover’s delight and has lots of fun outdoor activities for visitors to try. Besides hiking amid the dense undergrowth and going bird or wildlife watching, popular pastimes include paddleboarding, ziplining through the canopy, and cruising along with one of its rivers.


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With its vintage shops, graffiti-covered backstreets and coffee culture, Melbourne has earned a reputation as Australia’s capital of cool. The city has plenty to see and do whether you enjoy art or sports. Located on Victoria’s famously beautiful coast, there is plenty of nature and wildlife in Melbourne as well.

What to see and do: 

  • The National Gallery of Victoria is Australia’s oldest art gallery, with a large collection of national and international art.
  • The Queen Victoria Market is a foodie’s paradise selling delicious street food and local produce.
  • The neighbourhood of St Kilda, with its historic funfair and beach, is an ideal place to spend a chilled afternoon.
  • Phillip Island has a famous colony of Little penguins to see.
  • Melbourne is famous for street art, so join a tour of the colourful backstreets.
  • Dive into the food and drink scene by visiting the craft breweries and coffee shops.
  • For the ultimate road trip experience, drive the iconic Great Ocean Road.
  • Take a balloon ride over the city.


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Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia and was home to indigenous people thousands of years ago. Built around the winding Brisbane River, the city boasts riverfront promenades, islands and beaches, making it a playground for water-lovers. You will love Brisbane if you enjoy music, cycling and the outdoors.

What to see and do: 

  • The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art are musts for art lovers.
  • Brisbane’s South Bank has lots going on including markets, a swimming lagoon and city beach.
  • Mount Coot-tha has panoramic views of the city from the summit.
  • On the edge of the city, Lone Pine is the world’s largest koala sanctuary.
  • Brisbane is made for adventure-lovers. Climb the Story Bridge for an adrenaline rush and dramatic views.
  • Explore Moreton Bay or Kangaroo Point by kayak.
  • Try sandboarding on giant dunes on Moreton Island.
  • Brisbane is also great for cyclists so hire a bike and explore the city on two wheels.

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