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Honda HR-V with optimal improvements outperformed the competition

This year, the legendary Japanese automaker Honda has launched Honda HR-V 2021 products in the Vietnamese market. This car is very impressive with a young, luxurious and powerful interior design. It is not surprising that this car product is popular with customers. With a special design, the car quickly attracts the attention and conquer customers. More specifically, this car is really worth it, When traveling in crowded places or in narrow places that are difficult to go. Let’s find out more about Honda HR-V with Newyearzz!

Consumer tastes

Taste of a car is always a very important factor in the decision-making of a buyer. In the same segment of their own cars; Honda HR-V 2021 is a car that can “weigh well” all other competitors.

Honda HR-V 2021 is still the car that owns a typical SUV design language of the Honda automaker. But this car will give the first eye contact; is a trendy sport style with a modern and sophisticated design. After the first “push”, the viewer will be able to see the Honda HR-V 2021 radiating a much stronger attraction; if compared with the pioneer version CRV has just been launched in Vietnam.

Honda HR-V with optimal improvements outperformed the competition

Given the car’s overall dimensions, this car is a slick and snappy experience without compromise. Everything is still convenient enough to give users the most comfortable experience.

Features of the new design

In terms of exterior, the biggest difference is the large grille at the front. Depending on the vehicle version, the steering wheel can be honeycomb shape or a combination of the top crossbar and the black honeycomb mesh below. The front end is also significantly more upright with a flat hood.

The new headlight system is also updated on the Honda HR-V 2021 and feels like the new Honda CR-V.

Features of the new design

Compared to its predecessor, the windows of the Honda HR-V 2021 are much more angular. The door handle at the rear door of the car is still hidden from the door like the previous version. At the rear, the rear of the Honda HR-V 2021 is tapered with a steeper boot.

Like the front lights, the new taillights have been redesigned and impressed by a long chrome strip running along the full width of the rear. The rear bumper is also redesigned with glossy black trim and a metal accent.

Style is very distinctive and trendy

The interior of the Honda HR-V 2021 is mainly covered with plastic with a choice of two tones. The dashboard is designed in a layered style. Clear distinction between dashboard, air-conditioning vents, glove box, and center stack; Everything feels more organized than the previous generation. Honda HR-V 2021 has returned to the design of the rotary knob on the air conditioning system.

The infotainment screen is located on the dashboard and is integrated with Honda CONNECT. Other features include a newly designed “exhaust” panoramic sunroof for the air conditioner, a versatile stereo system and tweeter; for better sound enjoyment and even a foot sensor for rear trunk opening.

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Honda SENSING safety equipment package will be available on Honda HR-V 2021; but they will be for the top editions only. This package includes technology features such as automatic throttle, intelligent automatic brake, collision prevention, lane keeping assist.

There are also three new functions: rear brake mismatch prevention for short range crashes and automatic headlights.

Car engine

Honda HR-V 2021 will have two engine options. Buyers can choose from a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine paired with a CVT gearbox; or dual-engine hybrid systems on the e: HEV variants.

There are also three options e: HEV is Z, PLaY and X. These are distinguished by standard equipment included; as well as whether they have a one-tone or two-tone exterior paint. It is expected that Honda HR-V 2021 will dock in Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In Vietnam, Honda HR-V is gradually showing its weakness in the race of small SUV sales. The segment king is now in the hands of Hyundai Kona with the consumption of 7,863 vehicles in 2020. With the launch of Kia Seltos and Toyota Corolla Cross; The Honda HR-V will have to adjust the selling price and supplement equipment if it does not want to be rejected in the Vietnamese market.

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