How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet 1

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet By 3 Best Methods

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet? Mini bags are too small to fit a phone, money, or lipstick. However, despite that, mini bags are still indispensable accessories in recent fashion trends. And the bag seems to be getting smaller and smaller while the price keeps going up.

Take, for example, this classic Chanel clutch with a chain that costs more than 17 million. If you look at the size, and shape, basically, this design is similar to a wallet of the same brand with additional chains to form a micro bag. So, instead of buying an expensive bag, why not try rummaging through your closet and learn How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet through our article.

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet By 3 Best Methods Below:

You’ll probably need A wallet (any brand); a strap (buy at a sewing supply store or reuse from an old handbag); an old bank card or membership card (as long as it is strong); punching machine. How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet?

Method 1:

Just lock the 2 ends together and loop it under the wallet cover, and you have a perfect mini bag. However, because it is only temporarily attached, if you are not careful when opening the bag, you can slip the cord from the wallet, causing the wallet to drop and the items in the wallet to face the same situation.

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet

Method 2:

  • Cut the card into a long piece about 2-3cm wide. Using a machine, punch holes at both ends.
  • Hook each end of the strap into 1 hole in the card and insert the card into a secure place in the wallet, 1 mini bag finished.

Note: Do not put too many items in the wallet, or the card and strap may slip out of the wallet.

Method 3:

  • Choose a card the same size as the wallet (but can fit inside the wallet).
  • Punch holes at both ends of the card (about 1cm from the edge of the card)
  • Clip each end of the strap to the card, cleverly place the card in the wallet, and use double-sided glue to fix the card to the inside of the wallet. This way, your mini bag will be safer to open and withstand more weight than the second method.

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet

In addition, a safer option for How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet is to buy an eyelet (including eyelets, felt, and chain – as shown) and make it yourself. Many places will do it for you, but you can also buy tools and make your own.

10 Other Uses Of Cosmetic Bags

1. Use the cosmetic bag as a handbag to store small items.

Use your best makeup bags as little pockets in your purse to easily find small items like lipstick or hair bands. They keep your bag much more organized and clean.

2. Keep them in your room as a small storage for small things that you can easily lose.

Do you know you never know where to put bobby pins or business cards or other random knitting items? Start putting them in your old makeup bag that you no longer use. Put specific items on each one so you always know where to find them.

3. Sew chains to them to turn them into small crossbody bags.

Your cutest, prettiest cosmetic bags can easily be turned into DIY crossbody bags that are perfect for when you’re out and about. Go to a craft store, buy a necklace, punch some holes and create something amazing.

How To Turn A Cosmetic Bag Into A Wallet

4. Stock your old bags with term items and keep them in the office as an emergency kit.

Turn one of your old cosmetic bags into a PMS emergency kit that you can keep at your desk or just take with you just in case. Stock it with plenty of tampons and pads that can fit, as well as travel-sized Tylenol.

5. Use the cosmetic bag as a jewelry box when you travel.

If you don’t have a jewelry box to travel with, buy second-hand makeup bags. They will help protect your jewelry and keep it tidy.

6. Recycle cosmetic bags into mini medical bags.

Stock up on an old bag with emergency supplies like bandage aids, bandages, Neosporin, and tweezers. Keep it like a must-have mini medical bag, in your bag, or keep it at your office.

7. Keep a bag in your car for small items.

Old bags can also be used as storage for your car. Put important items in there, then stick them on the center console.

8. Punch a hole in the corner and wrap a ribbon to make the bracelet.

It’s easy to turn an old makeup bag into a bracelet, and everyone will be impressed by your DIY skills.

9. Use an old makeup bag as a makeshift sunglasses case.

A small bag is not the best protection for your sunglasses – you should opt for a stiffer case – but if you have nothing else, it is a better option than leaving them free in the bag, resistant to damage. scratched.

10. Recycle into a small, convenient coin purse.

Take your smallest makeup bag and use it as a change wallet so you always know where your change is.

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