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Top applies technology 4.0 to human beings life

Advanced digital information technology has been widely used in the production activities of the third industrial revolution. But with the growth of Industry 4.0, it will change: the production line, the production process, the raw materials, the timing of the product’s production, and the method of manufacturing the product. This will increase efficiency, mass production capacity, and everything will get better and better. It is a change in the production method, the traditional production relationship between the supplier, the producer and the consumer in the supply chain. Just like the new relationship between man and machine – software and technology. Here are the top of applies of technology 4.0 in the human beings life you should know. Following us to find out right now!

Benefits of Industry 4.0?

When replacing human activities with machines. Free production will be driven continuously and quickly, with less errors than before. The data will become complete and continuously updated to develop more effective activities.

top 9 ung dung cong nghe 4 0 vao doi song con nguoi unnamed

In hazardous work environments, automated robots will replace workers, reducing occupational injury rates.

Control information of goods and services from production, formation to the hands of consumers. Then, both businesses and buyers can capture information according to their needs. Traceability application, electronic diary has been and is being applied in SmartLife products.

Ensure product quality when automatic machines work evenly. Especially for products that need highly concentrated production.

Companies, businesses owning technology solutions. The management application will save operating costs, increase profitability and increase market share.

Industry 4.0 is moving rapidly into the future with new technology applications and products. The benefits for businesses and consumers are extremely great. Together SmartLife brings new technology products closer to the community and businesses in the near future.

Top applies 4.0 technology in life

Smart home system

Smart Home – Smart Home is currently the most searched keyword related to IoT on Google. But what is smart home? This is an overarching concept of IoT applications that can be applied in personal spaces.

Smart home is not just a concept in technology 4.0. It has now become a trendy human lifestyle. For easy visualization, imagine, when owning a smart home. You can turn on the air conditioner before going home or turn off the lights even when you are away. You can also unlock doors for friends for temporary access even when you’re not at home …

Smart home system- applies technology 4.0
Smart home system- applies technology 4.0

Smart home has become a revolutionary ladder of success in the residential space. This trend is predicted to become as popular as smartphones. Because of the convenience, the number of applications is plentiful and the price is more and more competitive. The era when only a billionaire could own a smart home is over.

Today, with only 2-3 billion VND, home buyers can own an apartment integrating the most basic applications of Smart Home. House with unlimited integration of other applications. Big players in the home appliances industry will also have to keep up with the trend. To produce smart products. And ready to connect with smart home administration system.

Smart wearable device

Wearables are installed with sensors and software that collect instant data about the user. This data will then be pre-processed in situ to extract essential insights about the user. The applications provided to these devices support a wide range of fitness, health, and entertainment requirements. A prerequisite, to ensure the performance of a wearable device is to have high energy efficiency. Either ultra-low power and two must be small in size.

A few years ago, the market saw an explosion of demand for wearable technology products. Accordingly, large companies like Google or Samsung have also invested heavily in building such devices.

Smart car

Digital technology applied to cars. At the present time, the focus is on optimizing the internal functions of the vehicle. But with technology 4.0, manufacturers are focusing on improvements towards enhancing the user experience in the vehicle. A smart car is a means of optimizing performance. Maintain as well as the comfort of passengers through the adjustment of parameters along the route. And the ability to tune through the internet connection.

IoT applications

IoT applications- applies technology 4.0
IoT applications- applies technology 4.0

IoT is being applied in the industry with the use of sensors, software, and big data analytics to create smart factories. The philosophy behind the adoption of IoT is precision intelligent machines. And it’s more consistent than human communication because it works on the database. These data can help companies spot inefficiencies and problems earlier.

The IoT also offers great potential for product quality control and sustainable operation. Applications that help track goods. Real-time exchange of inventory information between suppliers. And the retail and automated delivery will increase the efficiency of the supply chain. According to GE, improving the productivity of the industry when applying 4.0 technology will generate revenue. Revenue from 10 trillion to 15 trillion USD of the total GDP of the world over the next 15 years.

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