Alienware 17 laptop review – Is it worth buying at this point?

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Alienware 17 2014 version still retains the perfect design with a sharp high-resolution screen. Besides, the machine is also upgraded in terms of configuration. Alienware is a strong brand in the gaming laptop segment. Last year, the Alienware 17 product with a large screen size and powerful configuration made gamers “tumultuous” and desire to own. But that is not all. In 2014, the Alienware 17 reappeared, but not in appearance but a superior performance upgrade. Let’s find out the detailed review of Alienware 17 laptop with Newyearzz!

Alienware 17 design

Inspired by strange alien creatures, Alienware 17 wears a “outfit” that can not be more pitiful and impressive. The healthy square lines and the black painted aluminum frame give a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Dell cleverly combines two contrasting colors, blue and black, and the Backlit backlight system creates an impressive highlight on the back cover logo and the entire keyboard surface. The machine has military standard MIL-STD-810 so it is very durable

Alienware 17 laptop review- design
Alienware 17 laptop review- design

Open the lid, you’ll notice most of the area of ​​this 17-inch laptop is covered in black, matching the overall. Running along the camera body is a thin blue strip, extending all the way to the left power button. The keyboard and touchpad also carry a sporty style, integrated LED lights with a variety of color options for flexible change.

The Alienware’s 17.9 x 12.9 x 2.23 inches are really impressive. Because it is almost 2 times thicker than today’s standard laptop. Besides weighing up to 4.2 kg, this is definitely not a product suitable for frequent travel.

Alienware 17 screen

The screen is one of the remarkable advantages of Alienware 17. The image displayed is extremely sharp and vivid. This is due to the standard resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. Large screen size up to 17.3 inches, supported by anti-glare IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Therefore, Alienware 17 allows comfortable screen sharing for 3 viewers at the same time.

Alienware 17 laptop review- screen
Alienware 17 laptop review- screen

Screen brightness is up to 268 inches, surpassing the 255 level of thin and light laptops. Thanks to that, the experience of playing games, watching high quality videos is extremely comfortable and impressive, brilliant. Compared to other gaming-series computers like the DT60, the only 252-inch DT60 or the G750JZ has a similarly bright screen.

Alienware 17’s color space is very wide, up to 106.3% of the current sRGB color standard. Therefore, the ability to reproduce colors is very realistic, it is almost difficult to tell the difference with real details.


Dell equips its products with a dedicated Klipsch speaker system. The front-mounted speakers are sturdy and powerful, for clear sound in a large room. Music testing once again confirmed the good quality of Alienware. Although kept at high volume, the sound is still balanced, with no distortion.

Compared with the speakers on the MSI Gt70, the Alienware proved to be superior, loud and clear. The average measured is 89dB, more than the Krypton at 82dB and the GT60 80dB.

Keyboard and touchpad Alienware 17

The traditional keyboard on this gaming laptop seems to be the gold standard, most suitable for users who are gamers. It is designed to stretch according to the size of the machine, with the full numeric keypad on the right. The slightly concave key surface, along with high responsiveness, provides a more comfortable typing experience. The armrests are also spacious to ensure you use for hours continuously without fear ..

The touchpad is large and features a keyboard-like LED backlight. The backlight color can be changed according to the needs, quite interesting. In general, the touchpad works quite well, receives multiple points quickly and accurately, but for gamers, they often equip themselves with an external keyboard and mouse most of the time.


When playing a video for 15, the temperature measured at the touchpad and keyboard surface are about 54 and 49 degrees Celsius, respectively. Compared to the 63 degree threshold – annoying users, the Alienware 17’s cooling system works. Works very well. Even the heat sink is only at 62 degrees.

Alienware 17 connection port 

This is not only a specialized game device but also can work effectively. Because it is fully equipped with the popular connection methods today. Along the right side of the machine is a Blue Ray disc reader, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a 9-in-1 card reader. Alienware 17 is still equipped with an Ethernet jack to ensure a stable Internet connection. The left side includes a USB 3.0 port, a Mini Display port and a security card slot. There is also an HDMI port to output high-resolution images to a larger screen.

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