Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island South Korea

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Jeju is known as the paradise island of Korea, attracting tens of millions of tourists each year. The romantic winding roads, endless stretching flower fields, or the beautiful beaches at sunset … are Jeju beautiful scenes that you should not miss if traveling to Korea. Let’s go to the top destinations to visit if you have the opportunity to travel to Jeju!

Seongsan Peak (Fortress Mountain)

Seongsan Peak (Fortress Mountain)

This is one of the most popular Jeju tourist attractions. Seongsan Peak 182 meters high, from a distance it looks like a giant ancient castle, the crater is like a very unique bowl. It would be more wonderful if you tour this mountain in the early morning and watch the sunrise.

Jusangjeollidae Promenade

The cliffs at Jusangjeollidae are made of beautiful lava columns. These 5 & 6 sided cylinders formed between 150-250 thousand years ago as lava cooled in the ocean. On a calm day the turquoise waters glow beneath the black rocks but when we arrived on our first morning massive waves washed over the lava towers. Now you know why it is in our cool things to do in Jeju Island list, right?

Jusangjeollidae Promenade in Jeju

The occasional wave crashed into the cliffs creating a faux geyser and eliciting ooo’s and ah’s from onlookers. You don’t need long at Jusangjeollidae but its well worth stopping by. An hour should give you enough time to stroll along the promenade and even grab a local snack.

Jeongbang Waterfall

Jeongbang waterfall is one of only 4 Asian waterfalls that empty into the ocean. The 23m deluge sits on Jeju’s southern shore and is a must-see on your trip!  From the parking lot, you have to walk down a few flights of stairs to the coast where you’ll immediately see the waterfall and feel the mist on your face.

The water is chilly even in the summer so it’s not a big deal that you aren’t allowed to swim here. Pause in front for a photo or wade through the shallows to use the rocks as a tripod like I did. Head to any of Jeju’s beautiful beaches if you want to take a dip afterward. (Hwanguji, Gimnyeong Sonsegi & Udo were our favorite beaches) Every entry in this list of things to do in Jeju Island is special in its own way.

Have fun at Alive Museum

Have fun at Alive Museum in Jeju

Alive Museum Jeju Island specializes in optical illusions, great for taking photos.

This museum is an excellent place if you enjoy art and creative activities. The walls are covered in remarkable paintings, and visitors can use creative poses to get funny photographs!

Although each picture has an instruction, you’re encouraged to be creative and use your own style. From fighting with a dangerous snake to becoming an angel, your adventure awaits!

Experience Mysterious Road

Can you believe that there’s a road where you don’t need to turn on the engine to go up the hill?
As a result of a natural optical illusion, things on this road seem to roll uphill!
My bus went slowly up the road without any efforts. The best way to experience it is to get out of your car, take a bottle and see as it slowly goes up, seemingly defying gravity.

Walk along Hyeopjae & Geumneung Beach

Gumneung Beach Jeju
Looking for a beach destination? Head to Hyeopjae & Geumneung Beach!

Hyeopjae is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jeju island, famous for its white sand and clear water. It also has plenty of good restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Located next to Hyeopjae beach, Geumneung is an absolutely stunning beach with a great view of Biyangdo Island.

Crystal clear water with white sand coast and not many tourists around make this beach a sweet spot to escape the crowd. Also, the water is shallow enough to walk in.

Swim in a Sea of Canola Flowers at Sanbangsan

While Hallasan is Jeju Island’s tallest mountain, Sanbangsan is the most beautiful and favorite mountain of locals and foreigners alike.

The best part? Every spring there’s thousands of yellow canola flowers growing at the foot of the mountain making it even more beautiful.

My recommendation is to arrive just before sunset in order to avoid the hordes of group tourists with selfie sticks, Instagram husbands and tripods trying to take photos of the yellow canola flowers!

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