Benefits of eating yogurt for pregnant women

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Normally, pregnant mothers should supplement enough calcium to support the development of fetal bones, teeth and muscles. The recommended daily supplement is yogurt, with the highest content of calcium. In addition to daily fresh milk, yogurt not only helps pregnant mothers easy to eat but also brings many benefits. In addition to a large amount of calcium and protein, yogurt also brings beneficial bacteria, helps improve the body’s immunity, prevents many common diseases during pregnancy such as high blood pressure, constipation … Here are the benefits of eating yogurt for pregnant women that Newyearzz has listed.

Improve mother digestive system

Benefits of eating yogurt for pregnant women
Yogurt provides the body with a large amount of beneficial bacteria; (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifido bacterium), helps protect the digestive system; strengthen resistance. Yogurt bacteria were found through research; capable of living in the human intestine and beneficial to the body.

Not only that, some yogurt bacteria also produce antibiotics; has the ability to kill harmful bacteria in the gut. Eat yogurt regularly every day; Help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids effectively.

Reduce appetite during pregnancy

Benefits of eating yogurt for pregnant women
Benefits of eating yogurt for pregnant women

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers often have to deal with cravings; unhealthy foods such as pickles, fried foods, spicy foods… Now you can choose yogurt as a substitute; to both have appetite and provide beneficial nutrients to the body.

Calcium supplementation for mothers

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Calcium during pregnancy is extremely important for helping bones and teeth; and the fetal muscles are best developed. Adequate calcium supplementation also prevents the risk of osteoporosis; in pregnant and postpartum mothers. So moms should regularly add yogurt every day. This is one of the greatest benefits of yogurt.

Prevent high blood pressure in pregnant mothers

One of the great benefits of yogurt for pregnant women is the prevention of high blood pressure in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the risk of high blood pressure will increase and pregnant women should not forget to add yogurt daily. This food is also very good for the cardiovascular system, reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

Reduce the risk of infection at birth

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt also help fight the harmful bacteria that cause infections. In addition, yogurt also helps strengthen immunity, helping the body absorb nutrients more easily.

Relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy

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Stress and anxiety are common symptoms of pregnancy. The great effect of yogurt is to help calm down the emotions in the brain; reduce anxiety, depression.

Help whiten, softer skin

In yogurt, there is lactic acid, which prevents penetration; and inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria, protect the skin. Acid fermentable bacteria found in yogurt; can also secrete antibiotics that stimulate the healing process of skin lesions; such as scars from boils, injuries, and new skin regeneration; Keep the skin fresh, limit the aging phenomenon.

Many recent scientific studies show that eating yogurt every day will give women bright, smooth, highly elastic skin and prevent bad pigmentation.

It has found almost adequate nutrients in yogurt for the skin. Vitamins A, B, D … and minerals in yogurt keep an important role for beautiful skin. The calcium and iron found in yogurt are effective in preventing anemia, making skin ruddy, and young beautiful.

Weight control does not gain weight

During 9 months of pregnancy, weight gain is natural, but a full physical life often causes mothers to gain too much weight, causing unexpected complications such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure. When mothers eat yogurt regularly, it will help inhibit the hormone cortisol, which causes uncontrolled weight gain, so that women do not gain weight beyond the standard.

Protein in yogurt is very beneficial for your baby’s muscle development and helps both mother and fetus stay healthy throughout pregnancy.

Sore throat, flu

Weak pregnant woman’s health means decreased resistance. When the bacteria are invaded, the mother’s body will have a very hard time to eliminate or heal itself. At this point, you are very susceptible to infection. If you are sick, you also get better longer than usual.

Therefore, eating cold yogurt or drinking cold water at this time causes a sudden change in body temperature. The constriction of blood vessels, intestinal tract, and blood fluid makes the resistance of pregnant women drastically decreased. The bacteria easily penetrate into the body through the nose, throat, causing sore throat, headache, flu.

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