Cause and how to fix Dell Inspiron laptop speakers be cracked

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Dell Inspiron laptop speakers being cracked is a common error when using a laptop can be caused by the hardware or software inside. This issue affects the user experience and can lead to complete laptop speaker damage if not fixed early. Newyearzz will guide you on how to fix it right below!

Cause Dell Inspiron laptop speakers be cracked

Do you have a clear understanding of the causes of Dell Inspiron laptop speakers being shy?

After a period of use, Dell Inspiron laptop speakers may be shy, affecting the user experience. Some of the reasons for this problem are:

Your laptop is too old with a long period of use leading to some parts of the speaker being degraded, damaged the speaker diaphragm or other internal structures.
Another fairly common cause is that you have installed the wrong drivers. This results in incompatible speakers and software causing an uncomfortable feeling.
Laptop was hit strongly, resulting in the broken connections between the components in the machine and the speaker. From there, the internal damage that makes the speaker more serious affects the device’s performance, causing the sound to be shy.
The biggest reason is that users often let the speaker operate at 100% capacity for a long time. Many of you also use more software to adjust the speaker volume up to more than 100% level. If prolonged like that for a long time, the speaker may be shy.

3 How to fix Dell Inspiron laptop speakers be cracked

Once you have fully understood the cause of Dell Inspiron laptop speakers being shy, you can immediately apply the following 3 fixes:
Update the Sound Driver

To update the Sound Driver, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the sound manager by: Click on the This PC icon on Window 10> Select Manager> Select Device Management> Select Sound, video and game controller.
Step 2: Right-click each sound hardware icon and then click Update Driver.
Step 3: At this point, Window will proceed to update the Sound Driver and continue to click Search automatically for updated driver software so that the system will automatically download the driver on the Internet.
Step 4: After updating the driver, if the screen shows the message Windows has successfully updated your drivers, you have successfully updated.

Replace the torn speaker diaphragm

3 How to fix Dell Inspiron laptop speakers be cracked

When proceeding to update the Driver, but the sound of the Dell Inspiron laptop speaker is still shy, most likely caused by the torn diaphragm. To overcome this situation, you have to remove the device and then use the special glue to glue the driver. This step takes a bit of dexterity and meticulousness.

Moderate volume control

If you regularly use Dell Inspiron laptop speakers with 100% volume. Try adjusting the volume just right to fix the speaker noise problem.

How much does a Dell Inspiron laptop cost?

How much does a Dell Inspiron laptop cost?

Replacing Dell Inspiron laptop speakers is quite quick and extremely simple. The operation only takes about 30 minutes to complete. Please refer to the speaker repair and replacement quotes that are being repaired and applied by many units of warranty.

Dell Inspiron laptop speaker repair price with the following cases:

If the laptop’s speaker is not broken but only the external driver is damaged, the repair price is about 140,000 – 260,000 VND. 3-month warranty period with commitment speakers never experience shy again.
If the laptop’s speaker has broken circuit on the mainboard, it must be repaired at a price of about 220,000 – 480,000 VND.

Some notes when using laptop speakers

To avoid encountering laptop speakers being shy, you need to grasp a few notes immediately after using:

Minimize the impact of external forces such as falling, breaking that can affect the connection of the cable connecting the main to other parts of the machine. The speaker may be shy if it is affected by external force for a long time.
Turning on the speaker at full power can cause the unit to burn and quickly buzz. A suitable volume level is about 50 – 70%.
You should use a shockproof bag to better protect the laptop when traveling. Pay attention to choosing the right bag for the size of the new Dell Inspiron laptop to maximize the protection effect.
Dell Inspiron laptop status can be limited easily if you regularly check the machine, updated Driver fully. During use, you also avoid the laptop being bumped or not opening the volume to the highest level frequently. With a little attention, you can help laptop speakers increase longevity and deliver a better audio experience.

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