Dell Latitude E5570 Review – Is it as good as the rumor?

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The Dell Latitude E5570 is a powerful office laptop. At 15.6 inches in size, the E5570 gives users the harmonious combination of performance, security and user experience. Equipped with 6th generation Intel Skylake chip and with a wide range of configuration options for your reference, the E5570 stunned us with its superb performance, brilliant full HD touch screen and audio system. quality. The Latitude E5570 has a brass pot case design, with a hinge that can be opened up to 180 degrees. The version that we review has a Core i7-6280HQ chip configuration, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, which can easily finish all assigned tasks. The only significant downside to the machine is the ability to dissipate heat is not too impressive. Today we send you a detailed Dell Latitude E5570 review to help you decide if this Dell laptop is worth buying or not.

Design Dell Latitude E5570

Dell Latitude E5570 has a large size matte black exterior. The outside of the device is reinforced with sturdy carbon fiber, the keyboard is water-resistant and the optional version of the scratch-resistant toughened glass screen Gorilla Glass. The speaker system of the E5570 is hidden under the laptop body, and the machine also has a solid screen hinge that can be opened 180 degrees if desired.

Dell Latitude E5570 Review - Design
Dell Latitude E5570 Review – Design

The Latitude E5570 has military-grade MIL-STD-810G durability. This means that the machine can operate normally in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and as low as -6 degrees Celsius. The laptop can still be used normally after being sandblasted continuously for 12 hours.

The machine has many serial ports for you to use comfortably. On the right side of the camera body there are 2 USB 3.0 ports along with an SD card reader slot, 1 headphone jack and 1 electronic lock port. On the back of the camera body has 1 Ethernet port, 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 micro SIM slot.

Dell Latitude E5570 has a weight of 2.5 kg and a measured thickness of 0.9 inches, the machine is heavier than its competitors HP ZBook 15u G2 (weighing 1.9 kg, thickness 0.84 inches), Toshiba Tecra Z40t-B (weighing 1.7 kg, 0.8 inch thick) and Lenovo ThinkPad W550s (weighs 1.7 kg, thickness 0.92 inches).


The Dell Latitude E5770 has many of the security features and management software IT professionals need, including a FIPS 140-2 data encryption module and TPM 1.2.

The E5770 also features Dell Data Protection technology, including Security Tools and Protected Workplace software. These softwares will keep important data safe in your computer.

Keyboard Dell Latitude E5570

The keyboard of the E5570 is very suitable for long-term work. The keyboard offers a very comfortable experience with a quick response to the press that makes it easy for your fingers to jump on each key. The key has a rather deep 2 mm of travel with enough pressure of 60 grams. The space between the keys is large enough to feel comfortable, not tired when typing.

Dell Latitude E5570 Review - KeyBoard
Dell Latitude E5570 Review – KeyBoard

The 3.9 x 2.1-inch touchpad is also very reliable. The smooth surface makes it easy to switch to chrome tabs, and swipe operations like shrink or 3-finger swipe to the right to change windows for immediate and natural response.

Dell’s laptop also has an eye-catching blue border trackpoint for those who prefer to control the mouse without having to take their hands off the keyboard. Although I’m not a regular trackpoint user, I don’t have much trouble controlling the mouse with the trackpoint.

Dell Latitude E5570 display

Dell Latitude E5570 has a 1080p touch screen version for brilliant color quality, but the brightness is only modest. Using a colorimeter, the E5570 has a screen that covers 107.4% of the sRGB color range. These results outperformed the ZBook 15u (103.4%), ThinkPad W550S (100.2%) and left behind the mid-range notebook average of 84.9%.

dell latitude e5570 7 1024x563 1

The E5570’s screen also has fairly high color accuracy, with a score of 0.72 on the Delta-E test (the closer the result, the better). This score beats two rival laptops, the ZBook 15u, and the ThinkPad W550S, as well as the mid-range notebook average.

The weakness of the Latitude E5570’s screen lies in the brightness, when it only yielded 242 nits, which is lower than the 252-nit average, as well as the competitors such as the ZBook 15u (307 nits), the ThinkPad W550s ( 312 nits) and Tecra Z40t-B (265 nits). However, despite the unimpressive brightness, the Dell Latitude E5770’s screen has a wide viewing angle, with colors unchanged when viewed at an angle of 70.


With the help of the MaxxSense audio software available in the machine, the Dell Latitude E5570’s speakers show a relatively good bass range, the mid and treble bands have a stable quality without breaking the sound when increasing the volume to the maximum. .


The Dell Latitude E5570 is equipped with a 2-megapixel webcam for eye-catching and accurate image quality. Although the image has a lot of noise when taken in low-light conditions, the camera’s image is very good when in a room with full light conditions.

Dell Latitude E5570 Performance

The Latitude E5570 that we used to review is a version with 6th generation Intel Core i7-6280HQ configuration, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The device did not experience lag during use when I opened more than 20 Chrome tabs, with many tabs on 1080p video streaming.

The E5570 dominated completely on the Geekbench 3 overall performance test, with an impressive score of 12148. Beating all of its competitors is the Lenovo ThinkPad W550S (Core i7-5600U chip, 6860 points), HP ZBook 15u (Core i7-5500U chip, 6892 points). The overall performance results of the machine are also behind the common laptop average of 8938 points.

The Latitude E5570’s 256GB M.2 SATA SSD did not impress us as much as the CPU’s cpu performance. The E5570 took 32 seconds to copy a 4.97GB folder,

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