Ecuadorian Food – Dishes you must try on your trip

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Ecuadorian Food is abundant and diverse. Despite the fact that Ecuador is a small country in size, it possess huge variety in terms of gastronomy since it has four regions: coast, highlands, Amazon and Galapagos. In this article, we want to tell you a little bit about some traditional dishes, as much from the highlands as the Ecuadorian coast, with the hope that when you visit the country you won’t hesitate to get involved in the experience of tasting the incomparable flavors of Ecuador’s traditional foods.

Ecuadorian Food – Dishes you must try on your trip


Shrimp ceviche
In addition to the traditional offerings below, you can go to town with yuca, pumpkin and avocado starters. Ecuadorian appetizers make good use of yuca in fritters, chips and as stuffing for empanadas, which are traditionally also filled with meat, cheese, eggs, vegetables, or greens. Pumpkin is turned into fritters called ​pristinos and avocado is stuffed to become aguacates rellenos.

Ecuadorian Breads

Ecuadorian Cheese Rolls
Ecuadorian bread features a cornucopia of ingredients, like corn, wheat, quinoa, barley, potato, and cassava flours. Daily staples, these types of bread are what locals eat at all times of the day, accompanied by oat drinks, rice water, or fermented corn and fruit beverages.

Caldo de patas – Cow’s Foot Soup

Caldo de patas – Cow's Foot Soup, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Cow foot soup is a typical and one of the best Ecuadorian dishes, it’s made with cow feet, yuca, mote, peanuts, milk, onions, garlic, herbs and species. People believe that Cow Foot Soup cures hangover. Traditionaly this his delicacie takes about 4 hours to cook in fire wood. This dish was inherited from colonial times.

Tripa Mishqui – Chunchullo

Tripa Mishqui - Chunchullo, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Tripa Mishqui is very popular in the Ecuadorian Highland, and it can be either pork or lamb intestine, which is grilled and cut in small pieces. The dish is served with mote, potatoes, tomato, onion, avocado and some herbs. This is a typical street food (“agachaditos”, as Ecuadorians call them) and are likely to be seen in traditional barrios La Floresta – Vicentina in Quito City. You can try this on a day trip in Quito to one of the city’s traditional barrios.


Yaguarlocro, Ecuadorian Food & Delicacies

Yahuarlocro is a light stew Ecuadorian Food prepared with potatoes, milk and lamb meat including intestines, liver, lung, tongue, etc. The name comes from the Kichwa words yawar  (blood) and lukru (soup) -“blood soup”. It is usually always served with fried clogged lamb blood  as a toppin, avocado and species. It can be the main dish depending on the size of the plate.

Locro de papa (Potato Stew)

One of the most delicious dishes in Ecuadorian gastronomy is, without a doubt, “locro de papas” (potato stew), a delicious potato stew that may contain cheese and rinds, and which is served along with avocado and toasted corn. It has a creamy consistency and its incomparable flavor makes this soup a true delicacy that should be sampled if you find yourself visiting Ecuador. In fact, if it doesn’t have cheese or rinds in it, it’s a great vegetarian option or a healthy vegan alternative.

locro de papa

If you would like to experience preparing the classic cheese stew with avocado, with native ingredients like quinoa, toasted corn, yuyos (aromatic Andean herbs), seeds, among others; as well as the delicious chile ground in natural volcanic rock, these activities are carried out with clients under the supervision of the chef of the restaurant Galería Café de Galería Ecuador.

Churrasco ecuatoriano (Ecuadorian grilled meat)

churrasco ecuatorianoChurrasco has its particularities in each nation in which it is prepared, and Ecuadorian churrasco also has its own style as well. Ecuadorian style churrasco is a delicious dish of beef accompanied by white rice, fried eggs, french fries, salad, and avocado. It is very easy to find on a national level, and given that it is a generously served place it can be eaten between two people.

Encocado de pescado (Fish with coconut sauce)

encocado de pescadoThis is a traditional dish from the Esmeraldas province, on the Ecuadorian coast. It is a coconut and fish based dish (although it can also contain other seafood) and is served with white rice, patacones (flattened slices of fried green plantain) or maduro frito (fried ripe plantain). This plate tends to be prepared with corvina, however, it can be prepared with other types of fish. You will simply love this dish!

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