Google Pixel Slate Review – Is Google’s Chrome OS tablet worth buying?

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Google Pixel Slate is Google’s next Chrome OS device after the tech giant released its high-end Chromebook line, the Pixelbook. The Pixel Slate is a mid-range 12.3-inch computer that can be connected to a keyboard accessory for use as a mainstream laptop. Chrome OS has been constantly updated to compete with competitors in the market, with new features including natural handwriting recognition and a familiar Android interface. The Pixel Slate itself is a good product, with a high-quality display with an impressive sound system. Unfortunately, although Chrome OS has changed a lot since the first day of the technology market, some Android apps have not been optimized well for Chrome OS devices. And despite its high security, Chrome OS still has many bugs. This makes it Google Pixel Slate difficult to deal with tablets using Windows operating systems in the same market segment as the Surface Pro 6. Let’s find out the detailed review of Google Pixel Slate with Newyearzz!

Google Pixel Slate design

The Pixel Slate we use comes in a color version called Midnight Blue, which has a gentle flair, yet still neutral enough to carry around with the commute every day. The chassis is made of aluminum, has good build quality, and feels solid in the hand. The bezel of the Pixel Slate’s screen is a bit thick, especially when compared to today’s new tablets like the iPad Pro.

Google Pixel Slate Review- design
Google Pixel Slate Review- design

With a weight of 0.72 kg and a thickness of 0.3 inches, when not connected to an external keyboard, the Pixel Slate is lighter when compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (0.77 kg, 0.3 inches thick) and Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ( weighs 0.81 kg, 0.3 inches thick), but is thicker and heavier when compared to the 12.9-inch iPad (0.63 kg, 0.2 inches thick).

The Pixel Slate loses some of the portability when attached to Google’s discrete keyboard, increasing nearly twice the weight, up to 1.31 kg and having a thickness of 0.6 inches.

Google Pixel Slate connector

Pixel Slate is not only equipped with more ports than the iPad Pro, it also supports external memory. This makes the Pixel Slate can be used in office environments, instead of always relying on cloud storage. The device is equipped with 2 USB Type-C ports on either side of the body. You can connect the Pixel Slate with an external keyboard through the exclusive Pogo port located on the bottom of the screen. The machine comes with a USB Type-C to a 3.5mm jack, the reason is because the machine is not equipped with a headphone jack.

Google Pixel Slate display

Google Pixel Slate’s 12.3-inch display delivers impressive color and high detail. The screen of the device has 120% of the sRGB color coverage, surpassing the 116% average of the same segment, as well as beating the 117% result of the Pixelbook. Surface Pro 6 possesses a more vivid color display, with a measured result of 136%. Galaxy Book 2 is the tablet with the widest screen color coverage in this article, with a measured result of 200% of the sRGB range.

Google Pixel Slate Review- display
Google Pixel Slate Review- display

The Pixel Slate’s screen is quite bright, emitting light with an intensity of 337 nits, surpassing the 316 nit average of the same segment and close to the 350-nit screen brightness result of the Galaxy Book 2. Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro feature more impressive screen brightness, measuring specifically 408 nits and 484 nits. The Pixel Slate’s screen is bright enough to provide a relatively wide viewing angle, with colors not much discolored when I tilt my head to the left and right at an angle of 35 degrees.
The Pixel Slate’s display had an accurate touch as I navigated around Chrome OS. The screen of the device also gives quick and accurate responses to all multi-finger swipes, providing a smooth user experience.

Removable keyboard

The machine’s removable keyboard has a white illuminated system, provides a comfortable input experience and is one of the best removable keyboards on the market. The buttons of the device have a unique circular design, with white characters printed above the gray keys.

google pixel slate 4 1024x661 1
The device’s keyboard is equipped with a 4.0 x 2.8 inch touchpad below, which responds well to all my swipes.

Google Pixel Slate has a pretty good sound system. The speaker of the machine brings clear sound quality, with the impressive mid and low bands, providing a good audio experience for users.


The Google Pixel Slate version that we use is equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8200Y chip configuration, with 8GB of RAM, providing enough performance to do all the basic everyday tasks well. I didn’t experience any lag when split the screen, with half of the screen running HD videos on Youtube and the other opening Chrome with dozens of tabs loaded simultaneously.

google pixel slate 5 1024x661 1

Grading the overall performance of the machine with Geekbench 4.0 (running through emulators), the Pixel Slate has a modest score of 8,071, lower than the segment average of 12,792 points. Competitors of the machine including Surface Pro (Core i5-8250U chip) and iPad Pro (chip A12X Bionic) scored more impressive, measured 13,761 and 17,995 points respectively. Galaxy Book 2 (Snapdragon 850 chip) is the device with the lowest multi-core performance score, measured at 3,575 points.

Testing the web loading speed of the device with JetStream brought a score of 146.84 for the Pixel Slate. This result is a bit slower than the 151.2 average. Its competitors once again beat the Pixel Slate, namely the Surface Pro 6 (215.74 points) and the iPad Pro (279 points).

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