Everything You Need To Know About Renters Insurance for Roommates

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More and more people are choosing to rent as the more sensible financial choice as the property market hits new highs. However, there are risks associated with renting; renters insurance can help shield you from things like theft, personal liability, property damage, and more. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about sharing renters insurance for roommates if you and your roommates are considering purchasing renters insurance for roommates.

What Protection Does Renters Insurance Provide?

What Protection Does Renters Insurance Provide?
What Protection Does Renters Insurance Provide?

If a fire or other tragedy occurs, you would hate to lose all of your pricey electronics and other personal property as a tenant. Renters insurance covers your items against theft, loss, or damage by disbursing a set sum for each lost or damaged item. The cost of renter’s insurance varies significantly by state or city, but the average monthly premium is $15. For instance, your policy will save you from losing everything at once if heavy rains cause water damage in your residence or a fire starts in your kitchen.

Should Roommates Share Renters Insurance?

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that even the closest of friends might run into financial difficulties. Sharing renters insurance with housemates does have one obvious benefit, though.

Although living independently is liberating, it also presents special difficulties. You could discover that sharing renters insurance with roommates might be a solid start to managing your finances in an effort to save costs.

A combined insurance policy can allow you to save about $100 annually. Saving money is frequently a significant benefit when determining whether to purchase your own renter’s insurance or share a policy.

Things to Know Before Sharing renters insurance for roommates

Before choosing to share renters insurance with roommates, you should think about the policy’s coverage, whether you may add roommates to your policy, and the claim filing restrictions.


Typically, a single policy will only cover a maximum of two people. If you need to add more roommates to your plan, each one will need to apply for and buy their own plan in order to be covered. You are qualified to get insurance if you are over 18 and able to make decisions. When it comes to sharing renters insurance with roommates, it’s crucial to make sure that you and your other tenants are on the same page.

Add a Roommate to Your Renters Insurance Policy

Things to Know Before Sharing renters insurance for roommates
Things to Know Before Sharing renters insurance for roommates

There is no additional charge or premium to cover another person when you add a roommate to your renter’s insurance policy. Because you may split the cost of a single premium, you will most likely save money on each annual insurance.


If you and your roommate elect to share an insurance policy, the reimbursement check will be written in both of your names if you submit a claim. This means that even if the damage was limited to your items and not your roommate’s, they must still co-sign the check for you. This is one of the most critical factors to consider when deciding whether or not roommates should share renters insurance.

Cons of Sharing Renters Insurance for Roommates

Problems Associated with Multiple Claimants

It might be very difficult to submit an insurance claim when you’re renting space from a lot of people. There must be widespread consensus over what occurred and who is to blame. Due to the fact that no one’s possessions are worth the same amount, even purchasing the coverage may be more challenging. Be sure to take into account all of these expenses as you determine how much your rent should be! Splitting a policy 50/50 will not make sense, for instance, if someone has used furniture in their room while you have brand new furniture from a more expensive store like West Elm.

Limitations on Claims

No matter how many of your friends join you, some categories for each claim per occurrence are limited. Many house insurance policies only cover electronics up to $2,500. This implies that even if each of you owns a $2,000 laptop and all three of you are burned in a fire at the same time, the insurance will only pay out a maximum of $2,500. This sum will then have to be divided among all parties involved. As a result, sharing your roommates’ renters insurance with your other tenants can really be detrimental to your projected finances.

Cons of Sharing Renters Insurance for Roommates
Cons of Sharing Renters Insurance for Roommates

Your Insurance History is in Danger

Your insurance history may be affected if your roommates make a claim for an incident they were involved in that resulted in damage to your property. And even while this might not be a problem right now, it might become a problem for you later on. After all, if you attempt to obtain homeowner’s insurance when the time comes to settle down, any prior claims made by your roommates may result in an increased rate or, worse yet, a denial of coverage. Would you trust someone enough to give them access to your insurance history, similar to how you might share the details of your credit card?


Should roommates purchase their own renters insurance or pool it? The answer is primarily influenced by how much you trust the tenants you’re renting space from. Even though, the thorny problem of money may strain even the strongest of bonds. You should decide if saving $100 a year is worth the risk before deciding to share renters insurance with roommates.

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