Revealing the simple morning skincare process with effective skin care

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There are many views in the skincare process that are currently controversial among beauty groups on social media. Many people believe that hydration and hydration should only take place at night. However, the reality shows that the morning skincare is the decisive factor to the girls’ appearance during a working and studying day. One thing girls should keep in mind is that at night we have skin care needs, so must be in the morning. If you do this well, you can maintain your beauty 24/7, always radiant and young and beautiful. Let’s follow Newyearzz to find out now!

Get a good morning skincare routine in your pocket

In addition, during the day we are more active, the skin is easily deficient and easily loses moisture. Therefore, if not paid attention, no matter how much careful evening skin care is, over time the necessary nutrients will be lost, the skin will become dry, rough and less elastic. firm. And of course, no girl wants to bring that ugly face to communicate with everyone around, right?

Beyond the age of 30, the signs of aging have begun to appear; requires proper adjustment to your skincare. At this point, it’s not just the evening skincare routine that is important; morning skin care steps also need to be considered and changed. Here is the most standard morning skin care routine for women 30+. You should learn by heart right away to reform skin in the new year.

Limit washing your face with products with strong cleansing properties

When you sleep, your skin will also process toxins, producing dead skin. So the skin is in need of cleansing in the morning; to remove the residue, the skin clears, ready for the next skincare steps. And because you don’t use makeup or sunscreen; So in the morning, the 30+ girls just use a gentle cleanser. This also ensures that the protective film of the skin will not be damaged by the harsh effects of the powerful cleanser.

 morning skincare

Don’t forget to use toner

Although not a mandatory step, adding toner in the morning is not superfluous. This helps to bring many benefits to your skin. “Toner provides a necessary stepping stone to the serum step,” said Dr. Anita Sturnham in London. helps the product penetrate better down deep floors and work more efficiently ”. Besides, toners generally contribute to blurring pores; cleanses more effectively and helps balance the skin.

Add a vitamin C serum

One of the best morning serums to use is the vitamin C serum. It contains antioxidants vitamin C that will help neutralize free radicals (the main cause of aging). Not all sunscreens do this. Besides excellent anti-aging ability; Vitamin C serum also helps lighten the skin, fade brown spots … So, it is not too much to say that applying vitamin C serum is the most important skincare step in the morning.

Moisturizer is preferred

Your skin needs to be replenished and maintained in moisture throughout the day. Therefore, you need to apply cream in the morning; so the skin does not fall into a state of wilting and flaking. At the same time, this will facilitate the appearance of wrinkles. The moisturizer also acts as a barrier to prevent the loss of nutrients from the serum help the skincare process to be more effective.

Moisture-  morning skincare

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

The fact that sunscreen becomes the last and most important step in the morning skincare routine is undisputed. Just by applying a sunscreen with a minimum rating of SPF 30; Your skin is smooth, beautiful, bright in the present and avoids the risk of premature aging. If your sunscreen has built-in moisturizer; you can skip the time-saving lotion step.

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