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Giving itself a new look, and the first design for easy accessory upgrades, Alienware is poised to take the throne in the mobile gaming PC realm. The Area-51m is unlike anything we’ve seen from Alienware. Not only brings a new look, inside there are many surprises to explore, today Newyearzz send you a detailed review of the Alienware Area-51m laptop.

Design Alienware Area-51m

Alienware Area-51m has been in development for over 2 years. Finally we can say goodbye to Alienware’s familiar Epic design and warmly welcome a new style called Legend.

Review Alienware Area-51m- Design
Review Alienware Area-51m- Design

First of all, every sharp angle, right angle has disappeared and is replaced by soft curved corners. Instead of using plated aluminum, most of the chassis of the Area-51m is made from magnesium alloy, and is plated in dark colors. The shell is finished softly for a luxurious look. The lid is still decorated with the familiar Alienware logo.

If you’ve ever seen an Alienware laptop, then you’re familiar with the machine’s internal presentation. The palm rest and keyboard are coated with soft smoky black plastic. Another Alienware logo is placed just above the keyboard, and this is also the power button of the machine. The 17-inch screen is surrounded by a glossy bezel. Speaking of bezels, the Area-51m has the thinnest bezels I’ve seen in Alienware laptops.

Although the “Dark side of the Moon” color is beautiful, I really like the ivory white look of the “Lunar Light” color.

Despite its bulky appearance, the Area-51m is on the lighter side of the desktop replacement laptop category, weighing 8.5 pounds, measuring 16.1 x 15.9 x 1.2 ~ 1.7 inches. The Area-51m needs quite a lot of power to power its powerful components, so there should be 2 DC ports on the back.

Alienware Area -51m screen

As always, Alienware offers gamers a stunning 1920 x 1080 display, capable of good color reproduction with high detail. The screen of the Area-51m also features Nvidia G Sync technology along with a 144Hz refresh rate to create the smooth movements of the games you play.

Review Alienware Area-51m- Screen
Review Alienware Area-51m- Screen

During the test, the Area-51m’s screen was able to reproduce 117.5% of the sRGB color resolution. Better than the 100% average. When measuring brightness, the Area-51m’s display achieved an average brightness of 284 nits, which is 271 nits higher than the average brightness.


Equipped with external speaker placed above the body, Hidden behind 2 clearer slots than glossy black. Area-51m’s speakers have impressive mid range, bass band is a bit dark and slightly distorted when turned on at max volume. Alienware pre-installed its audio software into the Command Center. App includes 8 pre-installed sound modes (Com, Movie, Music, Strategy, Racing, Shooter, Role Play and Alienware). During the process, I like the Music and Alienware modes the most. In music mode for the most comprehensive sound experience.

But if you want a game-like experience, use Alienware mode. This mode creates a surround effect, adding depth to anything you hear.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Area-51m still owns the traditional keyboard layout. When it comes to gaming laptops, Alienware is always in the top of the list of machines with the best keyboards, thanks to firm feedback in each keystroke. Alienware succeeded in wrapping both the number keys and the macro key column without having to shorten the important keys.

Alienware area 51m 7

Typing on this keyboard effortlessly hit my daily rate of 70 words per minute. The touchpad measures 3.9 x 2.2 inches and has a fast response speed.


Alien was not joking when he said that the Area-51m was a desktop replacement laptop. Equipped with Intel Core i9-9900K desktop 3.6-GHz chip with 64gb ram, Area-51m is ready to face any challenge. Compute, video encode, stream games, no quests are difficult for Area-51m. Thanks to the motherboard’s z390 chipset, this is the first Alienware laptop with 8-core support. This is possibly the most powerful laptop I’ve ever reviewed.

To test the power of this machine, I opened 40 Chrome tabs, all of them playing Youtube videos, streaming Twitch. During the game, I did not have a single frame drop. And if you want even more power, the Area-51m CPU is overclockable.

The processor continues to destroy in benchmark tests, reaching 29989 points in GeekBench 4, when the high-end laptop average score is only 21118.

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