The 8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup You Might Love

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Ever questioned the owner of a phone number? You know, the one that won’t stop calling and won’t go away? You just want to identify the caller so you may ask them to hang up. You can easily find out by performing the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup.

But does the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup actually exist? Yes, a lot of websites do free reverse phone lookups. Let’s examine our article to learn the top 8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup.

The 8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup You Might Love

There are many websites that offer to conduct these searches for you, and it can be challenging to determine which of them are reliable. Here are the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup websites available to make your life simpler.

1. CoCoFinder

Free reverse phone lookups and other helpful search tools are available with CocoFinder. Despite being run by a Chinese corporation, Shenzhen Duiyun Technology Co., it solely yields American results. The four major search options available to users are person search, phone, address, and email lookup. Although there are no applications, it is mobile browser friendly.

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Similar to most other websites, the person’s search tool lets you input a first name, last name, city, state, and/or country. After that, the algorithm searches pertinent public records for possible matches.

You are informed of the data that is available and that basic information is free. However, the premium partner site TruthFinder is in charge of comprehensive reports.

2. USsearch

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

USsearch has positioned itself as a resource for locating long-lost friends and family members since its first introduction in the late 1990s. Its real skills are on par with those of many of the top websites for looking up phone numbers. It enables you to conduct a person’s search using their name, contact information, address, and email address.

The website uses publicly accessible records but does a fantastic job of compiling them together in one location. You must pay to access the majority of the material, although search results with a limited amount of information about what is kept are presented for free. In contrast to other comparable search services, they distinguish between different sources of information so you can understand where the data is coming from.

3. Spokeo

Utilizing phone numbers and names, users may locate persons using the sophisticated platform Spokeo. The fact that Spokeo reports a person’s financial profile and reveals personal information like their birthday and wedding anniversary is one of its distinctive features.

Users can quickly search and determine the identity of a caller in a matter of seconds. However, in order to access detailed information, you must unlock the premium package. People use Spokeo to get in touch with family members, previous friends, and business partners in addition to tracking phone numbers.

4. TruthFinder

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

TruthFinder is a partly free reverse phone lookup website that reveals more about a phone number than just the name that goes with it. By including the accompanying photo, social media accounts, education, employment history, past addresses, and police and court records, it offers a thorough report on a person.

Other features of this US-based reverse phone search service enable you to learn more about an incoming caller. Users can broaden and focus their searches using these features.

5. BestPeopleFinder

For a free reverse phone lookup, you may utilize BestPeopleFinder without subscribing or registering. You may search the website for addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in addition to reverse lookup names.

For reliable results, BestPeopleFinder only uses information from the official public, state, and federal records. The site is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is enter the phone number to get the information.

6. GreatPeopleSearch

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

A user-friendly free reverse phone number lookup service, GreatPeopleSearch, offers users quick and precise results. In order to retrieve the information you’re looking for in your search results, it pulls on publicly accessible federal, state, county, and municipal sources.

You can also conduct a free phone lookup on VoIP numbers with GreatPeopleSearch, which are actual phone numbers that are assigned to people rather than particular phone lines. This business can provide you with the following fundamental details about a caller:

  • Name and Address
  • Relative employment status
  • Using social media
  • Owned properties and companies

It is handy to use a reverse cell phone lookup whether you are at home or on the move because you can perform it on your PC or mobile device.

7. BeenVerified

The search features of BeenVerified may be used in a variety of ways. Not only can you look up phone numbers, but you can also look up locations, car VINs, and persons. On iOS and Android devices, you can also download the application and save the reports for later reading.

  • Bonus: BeenVerified doesn’t store your sign-up information and lets you delete your own information from the website.

8. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Every public phone number is contained in the database of Instant Checkmate, which is connected to every state agency and public database. The business can also provide you with the following details about the caller:

  • Name
  • Date of birth and age
  • Addresses for email
  • Current and previous home addresses
  • Pages on social media
  • A criminal record
  • Status of relationship: single or married

Additionally, you may narrow down your search by utilizing the website’s filtering features, depending on how much information you can supply.


Anyone who has experienced phone harassment knows how unpleasant it can be. But now that you know how to track down the person responsible for those calls, you can take action.

You may input the phone number that has been calling you into a search engine and learn who owns that number by using the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup service. It’s a terrific technique to determine whether the person bothering you is a familiar face or a total stranger. Once you identify who it is, you can take action to put a stop to it.

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