The error of using toner when it is cold makes the skin rough and dark

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Currently, the toner is a toner product, helping to take care of the skin effectively, Especially this product also helps the skin of the sister association will become smooth and youthful. Even toners can even slow down the aging process of the skin, and especially eliminate winter dryness. However, this is also a skin care product that many women use incorrectly. Through the survey shows, many women make basic error when using toner. This makes the skincare not progress even better.

Take note of toner errors when it is cold

Using toner to balance the skin’s moisture is an extremely important step. Because this will help the subsequent skin care products be absorbed better. Especially during cold season days; Skin is prone to dryness and chapping. Because it is in liquid form with micro-water particles, the toner is the product that needs the girl to effectively take care of the skin. This product easily penetrates deep into the epidermis, provides moisture and essential nutrients immediately to the skin. Therefore, it helps the skin to quickly restore vitality.

Toner is not the most important skincare. But if you add this product to your routine, your skin will improve dramatically. This is because toners often provide so many benefits to the skin. Such as: optimal cleansing, replenishing moisture, exfoliating or helping the next skincare to absorb effectively. In harsh winter with your skin, the presence of toner will help your skin look beautiful despite dry weather. But that’s a good prospect when you apply toner properly. And if you make the following 3 toner mistakes, your skin will not get better, but sometimes even worse. If you make the mistake of using a popular toner in the cold season; will only make the skin not to be beautiful in time, it will be ugly.

The error of using toner when it is cold makes the skin rough and dark
The error of using toner when it is cold makes the skin rough and dark

Use a toner that contains a lot of bad alcohol

The dry winter weather causes the skin to be rough and flaky. So requires you to replenish more powerful moisture thanks to skincare products, including toners. However, if the toner contains bad alcohol such as: acohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol … the results you get will be contrary to your expectations. The skin becomes drier and even blemishes. Because then the skin tries to secrete more oil to compensate for the severe moisture deficit.

However, not all alcohol is harmful to the skin; If the toner bottle you plan to buy contains cetyl alcohol or stearyl alcohol, don’t worry. Because they will help the skin to be moisturized more effectively. In short, if you want your skin not to be damaged by bad alcohol-containing toners; Please read the ingredients table before deciding to withdraw the purse!

Regularly use exfoliating toner

During the dry season, the skin often appears flaking, musty. So many women actively use toner to exfoliate the skin; in the hope that the skin will become smooth. Using an exfoliating toner is reasonable; But overusing this product is not okay. Strong acidic ingredients can cause skin irritation. Even abrasion; if you use it with high frequency. As a result, the skin is not smooth and beautiful, but only redness, irritation, sensitivity and possibly acne. Even further away, using an exfoliating toner regularly can even speed up aging.

The error of using toner when it is cold makes the skin rough and dark
The error of using toner when it is cold makes the skin rough and dark

The most reasonable frequency of exfoliating toner is about 2-3 times / week. At the same time, combined with regular skin checks, it will help you adjust properly. In this way, the skin is healthy and beautiful and also avoids the risk of irritation.

The time to apply toner and conditioning products is too long

One of the toner’s missions is to allow the next product to penetrate better. However, if you make a mistake then this task cannot be completed. Specifically, many women after applying toner (not including acid toner) often wait for their skin to dry completely before applying serums and lotions. This makes the conditioning products unable to penetrate the skin optimally. Therefore, the effectiveness of the skincare process is also difficult to fully promote. Ideally, right after applying toner, proceed to the next steps. At that time, the skin will be supplied with enough moisture, receive abundant nutrients and become healthier and more beautiful.

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