Top 5 Best Renters Insurance Companies

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Many tenants who rent a house or apartment believe that their landlord will cover replacement costs or repairs if the rented property is harmed. That is somewhat accurate; nonetheless, personal property belonging to a tenant is not covered by the landlord’s repair obligations for building damage brought on by a covered event. Let’s follow us to find out about the best renters insurance companies in this post!

What is renters insurance?

You and your personal property are protected from covered losses by renters insurance. The average monthly cost of a renters insurance policy is $19, but your specific prices will vary depending on your address, the types of coverage, and the limits you choose. The primary distinction between homeowners’ and renters’ insurance is that your landlord’s coverage protects your home, while your renter’s policy does not.

Any insured losses will be specifically listed on your policy because insurance companies sell their renter’s products as HO-4 named peril plans. Continue reading to learn about the main risks that a normal renters policy will guard against, as well as the extra coverage options and typical premiums from leading insurance companies.

Best Renters Insurance Companies

Lemonade Renters Insurance

Lemonade Renters Insurance
Lemonade Renters Insurance: Best Renters Insurance Companies

Go no further than Lemonade if convenience is important to you when picking a renters insurance provider. The provider abandons the conventional agent network business model in favor of a digital-first experience that lets you get a quote, buy a policy, and even submit a claim using its AI bot, Maya, in just a few seconds. College students and anyone else who prefers convenience over face-to-face interactions with real agents would love Lemonade.

GEICO Renters Insurance

Geico is a large, national insurer with a wide range of coverage options, including home and vehicle insurance, business insurance, and more. The provider’s bundling discount might be enough to persuade you to buy a renters policy if you currently use Geico for its reliable vehicle insurance.

Geico, like Lemonade, provides simple policy administration via its mobile app and an easy-to-use online quote tool, enabling you to buy a policy without picking up the phone. It’s simple to make a payment, update your coverage, or submit a claim from your online Geico account if you’d rather not handle your insurance from your mobile device.

State Farm Renters Insurance

State Farm may be the right choice for you if you’re purchasing renters insurance to satisfy your landlord’s need or are just shopping on a tight budget. Our cost information shows that it consistently delivers lower premiums than several rivals. Additionally, it provides a variety of deductible choices, giving you even more control over prices and insurance coverage.

State Farm Renters Insurance
State Farm Renters Insurance: Best Renters Insurance Companies

The low cost of State Farm, though, does not imply bad quality. The business provides complete property coverage, personal liability insurance, and medical payments insurance, along with four policy endorsements that can be added if you think your policy could be weak. Your insurance transactions will also have a personal touch because to its extensive local agent network.

Progressive Renters Insurance

For individuals who prefer to go with a well-known brand, Progressive is a well-known name in insurance. This insurer provides a wide range of opportunities for policyholders to maximize savings.

The multi-policy discount is one benefit of combining renters insurance with other insurance. This covers insurance for motorcycles, cars, boats, and more. It’s customary in the sector to offer a discount for combining different products, including renters insurance. Also, Progressive gives a discount if you request a quotation at least three days before the start of your policy, so being proactive and conducting research beforehand can really pay off.

Although the specific discount amount is not made public, policyholders can receive their documents through email and receive a further reduction. If you pay for your policy in full and upfront or if you reside in a gated or secure community, you might also be able to save some money. Although Progressive is accessible nationwide, you should confirm that you qualify for any state-specific discounts before purchasing.

USAA Renter’s Insurance

Anyone with a military association can access USAA renter’s insurance coverage nationwide. While other insurers normally don’t offer any insurance for property destroyed by water, USAA does. Damage from riots, explosions, the electrical currents created purposely, aircraft, unintentional tearing, cracking, and burning can also be covered.

Additionally, USAA provides additional coverage for securing pricey possessions like jewels, cameras, musical instruments, and fine art. Priced starting at $2 per month, the offer is known as Valuable Personal Property (VPP) insurance. If you file a claim, there is no deductible to pay, and if you combine VPP insurance with renter’s insurance, you might be eligible for discounts.

USAA Renter’s Insurance
USAA Renter’s Insurance: Best Renters Insurance Companies

If VPP insurance is not a good fit for you, there are still other methods to save money on USAA insurance. You might save up to 10% if you combine renter’s insurance with motor insurance. In addition, policyholders might receive discounts if they add home security monitoring as a service and avoid filing claims.


While landlords are not liable for any damage to or loss of a renter’s personal possessions within the apartment or home, renters insurance is typically worthwhile for tenants. Clothing, furniture, electronics, home goods, and other possessions in the apartment or house are covered by renters insurance. In rare circumstances, coverage may even extend to a tenant’s personal belongings while they are away from their house, such as items in storage. The finest renters insurance can also offer liability coverage, which may protect the renter in the case of a claim or lawsuit for property damage or injury, as well as money for temporary lodging in the event that a catastrophic event renders the home uninhabitable.

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