Top 7 best Korean acne cream 2021

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For girls with oily skin and acne prone skin, be sure to always have at-home acne treatment products to treat as soon as the pimples form. The early treatment of acne will help limit the appearance of dark spots, post-acne scars on the skin and help reduce pain and swelling quickly, especially with blemishes and blackheads. Currently, there are many types of acne treatment products on the market with many different prices and brands, making it not easy to choose a product that is satisfied and safe for the skin. To ensure the safety of the skin, many young people often choose products originating from abroad and especially acne treatment products originating from Korea, although these products often have higher prices. compared with domestic products. This is also completely understandable because Korea is one of the countries that are highly appreciated for skin care products with many major brands. Today, Newyearzz will introduce to you the Top best Korean acne cream treatment products.

Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence Acne Gel

Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence Acne Gel- Top 7 best Korean acne cream 2021
Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence Acne Gel- Top 7 best Korean acne cream 2021

Containing bija oil from Jeju Island, this acne treatment by innisfree is claimed to be able to treat most inflammatory acne types. Sold for IDR 220,000, this product is non-irritating to the skin and has a thick essence texture that is highly effective at tackling excess dead skin cells and sebum. This product is also transparent so it is not uncomfortable when applied to the skin. You can use a cotton ball to apply to the affected area to help the acne dry quickly and without leaving dark spots.

Dr.Ceuracle AC Care Solution Blue One acne cream

Dr.Ceuracle AC Care Solution Blue One acne cream- Top 7 best Korean acne cream 2021
Dr.Ceuracle AC Care Solution Blue One acne cream- Top 7 best Korean acne cream 2021

The second product is from Dr. Ceuracle. Rich in salicylic acid, this product will help soothe blemishes, redness, exfoliation, and clear pores to keep skin smooth and clean. You can pour the product onto a cotton or sponge, and then apply it to the affected area. Usually this product will feel cool on the skin after application, creating a very pleasant feeling. In addition, for maximum effectiveness, this product can be used several times in the morning and at night to quickly dry the pimples, leaving no scars.

Benton Centella Spot Cream

Next product is Benton which contains 42% centella asiatica extract, mint, tea tree and 10% calamine. In addition to helping to treat acne-prone skin especially with oily skin, the ingredients in the product also help firm facial skin, reduce pain and swelling caused by acne. This product is also free from alcohol, silicone and has been tested in a dermatologically non-irritating way.

Mugwort Spot Gel Acne Gel


Mugwort Spot Gel contains 90% ingredients extracted from Wormwood from Ganghwa Island, I’m From Mugwort Acne Gel is said to treat acne problem areas, soothe skin and reduce sebum on the skin of the face. Its gel texture quickly penetrates the skin and gives you clean, dry skin. You can rest assured that your skin will not get greasy after using like some other acne products on the market.

Acwell Ac Calming Spot Gel

Those who need products containing AHAs and BHAs can check out Acwell Ac Calming Spot Gel. The main ingredients inside the product such as Centella Asiatica, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid work to soothe blemished areas. This product can be used for sensitive skin, and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial but non-irritating, safe for skin.

Ciracle Korean acne cream

Ciracle is considered one of the best Korean acne cream products today and is being used quite popularly at more than 200 dermatological hospitals in Korea. Currently, in Vietnam, the Ciracle acne treatment product line is also chosen by many young people thanks to its ability to make acne quickly, without causing irritation to the skin thanks to ingredients derived from nature.

Demejine acne cream

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Korean Demejine acne cream is recommended for areas with acne, acne and blackheads, helping to reduce acne swelling and dry acne quickly, preventing blemishes. In addition, the product also works to whiten the skin and fade scars. The product also has SPF ingredients that protect the skin from the effects of sunlight, prevent darkening of the skin, pigmentation.

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